Welcome to the Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan. The Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan is a non-denominational organization focusing on genealogical research in all thirty-two counties of the Emerald Isle. The society is open to everyone! 

Next Meeting
Saturday Sep. 10, 1:30 PM
Welcome back to our new season. Please note that this month we
break from the usual schedule and are meeting on the second
Saturday of the month. But the big news is that the Board of IGSM
has made the decision to go back to in-person meetings at the
Gaelic League, good lord willing and barring any future COVID
catastrophes. This month we start off with a help session. The
panelists below will field your questions, research problems, etc. so
come prepared to discuss what is on your mind. You might want to
bring a limited amount of materials needed for a specific question.
Guinness with Genealogists
Derek Blount, Richard Doherty and Richard Handley

Coming Events
Saturday, Oct. 15th
They Came by Sail and Steam
IGSM's friend, Derek Blount, is going to talk about the modes of transportation our ancestors used to come to America, and the records pertinent to finding them. We sincerely hope that you'll be able to joins us.