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Actions ISBN Title   Author
View Record  0937702145 Irish famine an illustrated history Litton, Helen
View Record  Irish Genealogical Research Society McCutchean, R.G., ed.
View Record  Irish Genealogist
View Record  950245577 Irish genealogy: A Record Finder 1st edition Begley, Donal F.
View Record  950245577 Irish Genealogy: A Record Finder 2nd edition Begley, Donal F.
View Record  none Irish Life In The Seventeenth Century Edward MacLysacht
View Record  806305177 Irish Marriages, Being An Index to the Marriages in Walker’s Hibernian Magazine 1771 to 1812 Farrar, Henry
View Record  517659360 Irish Moment, An Sheehy, Terence J.
View Record  946640661 Irish Names O Corrain, Donnchadh
View Record  940134403 Irish Names and Surnames Woulfe, Patrick
View Record  none Irish Parish Registers
View Record  806314583 Irish passenger lists 1803-1806; lists of passengers sailing from Ireland to America: extracted from the Hardwicke papers Mitchell, Brian
View Record  916489760 Irish Records: Sources for Family and Local History Ryan, Thomas G., Ph.D.
View Record  806316772 Irish Relatives And Friends: From "Information Wanted" Ads In The Irish-American, 1850-1871 DeGrazia, Laura Murphy; Haberstroh, Diane Fitzpatrick
View Record  Irish Roots
View Record  Irish Roots Guide McCarthy
View Record  906602262 Irish Towns: A Guide to Sources Nolan, William; Simms, Anngret
View Record  Irish Tree
View Record  none Irish Wonders: The Ghosts, Giants, Pookas, Demons, Leprechauns,...... McAnally, D.R.
View Record  0810911205 Irish world: the art and culture of the Irish people: texts Evans, E Estyn; De Breffny, Brian
View Record  none Journal of the Kerry Archeological & Historical Society, Vol 1 Rafferty, Celestine, Ed.
View Record  none Journal of the Wexford Historical Society - no.15 Rafferty, Celestine, Ed.
View Record  Kennedy Family Records Seaver, J. Montgomery
View Record  91648968x Land and Property Research In The United States Hone, E. Wade
View Record  806312033 Land Owners in Ireland. Return of Owners of Land of One Acre and Upward in the Several Counties, of Cities, and Counties of Towns in Ireland Genealogical Publishing Co.
View Record  Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907
View Record  806353139 Later Scots-Irish Links, 1725 -1825 Part III Dobson, David
View Record  none Lectures On The Early History of Institutions Maine, Sir Henry Sumner
View Record  none Liam Lynch Club, Detroit, Michigan 1926 - . Dues ledger
View Record  806310456 List of Irish Immigrant Arrivals At The Port of New York, 1846-1851 Vol 2 Glazier, Ira, ed.
View Record  2746801450 Make Straight The Path: A 300-year Pilgrimage Godzak, Roman
View Record  80631222x Managing a genealogical project Dollarhide, William
View Record  943112192 Marriage And Death Newspaper Notices, Wayne County, Michigan, 1809-1868 Lambert, Marguerite Novy; Jackson, James N
View Record  Marriage index: AR, MS, MO, TX 1766-1981
View Record  Marriage index: AZ, CA, ID, NV 1850-1951
View Record  Marriage index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN 1720-1926
View Record  Marriage records: St. Anne’s Church, Detroit, MI, 1701-1850
View Record  9781556138126 Marriages in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tuam, Ireland 1821-1829 Murphy, Helen M; Reilly, James R
View Record  none Michigan 1870 Census: Detroit Vol 10
View Record  none Michigan 1870 Census: Monroe, Oakland, Wayne Counties Vol 9
View Record  814330819 Michigan's Early Military Forces Barnett, Leroy; Rosentreter, Roger
View Record  Mid Atlantic family histories
View Record  853427623 Milestones In Irish History de Paor, Liam
View Record  Military records, confederate soldiers, 1861-1865
View Record  Military records, MA civil war soldiers and sailors 1861-1865
View Record  Military records, U.S. soldiers 1784-1811
View Record  713990104 Modern Ireland, 1600-1972 Foster, R.F.
View Record  none Modern Journeys: The Irish in Detroit Marman, Ed, editor
View Record  943112125 Mount Elliott Cemetery Burial Records 1845-1861 Duncan, Mary Lou
View Record  198201346 Nationalist Revolutionaries In Ireland 1858-1928 Garvin, Tom
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Records: 201 to 250 of 395